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    Badam Oil 200.00660.00

    Discover the pure indulgence of Amritulya’s Cold-Pressed Almond Oil:

    1. Nourish your skin and hair naturally.
    2. Support heart health with its essential nutrients.
    3. Enjoy the soothing anti-inflammatory benefits.
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    Castor Oil 136.00525.00

    Discover the versatile uses of Amritulya’s Castor Oil:

    1. Promote hair growth and scalp health.
    2. Nourish and moisturize skin naturally.
    3. Experience the purity and richness of cold-pressed castor oil for your beauty and wellness needs.
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    FLAX SEED OIL 190.00380.00

    Discover the health-enhancing qualities of our  Flaxseed Oil (Alsik Tel):

    1. Boost your heart health with Omega-3 fatty acids.
    2. Promote digestive wellness and overall vitality.
    3. Experience the natural purity and goodness of flaxseeds in every drop.
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    Kalonji Oil 160.00640.00

    Experience the natural benefits of Amritulya’s Kalonji Oil:

    1. Support digestive health and immunity.
    2. Enhance skin and hair with its rejuvenating properties.
    3. Harness the ancient power of black seeds for overall well-being.
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    Walnut Oil Cold Pressed 500ml 1,750.00

    offers a range of potential health benefits when used in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

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