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Amritulya Organic Agro is a leading FMCG manufacturer in Rohtak, Haryana. The company was founded in 2021 with a mission to provide pure and natural products to its customers. Amritulya Organic Agro offers a wide range of organic products, including cold-pressed oils, spices, tea, green tea, and ghee. The company’s products are made using traditional methods and are free from chemicals and pesticides.

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Our Board Members


Kamla Devi, Rtd. District Program Officer


Dr. Naresh Kumar, Doctor of Acupressure and Naturopathy

Looking for reasons to choose us?

“AMRITULYA ORGENIC AGRO INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED” is Growing India’s leading organic food company.Its based on “Vocal for Local” theme. It produces and supplies a wide range of organic and pure food products under the “Anagh Amritulya Organic” brand name. The company’s product portfolio includes Cold Pressed Edible Oil’s organic spices, Tea’s ,herbs, grains, pulses, snacks, and other food products.

“Our mission is to provide delicious,healthy,pure and natural food options. We strive for superior quality and sustainability while promoting better lives for all.”


With much knowledge in the field and vast experience, we at Quality Food Products provide the best ambience for the processing of our materials. Quality of produces is of prime importance to us.

  • Bringing 100% fresh, pure and indigenous foods, from the farms to your table.
  • Inspiring wellness with natural food that preserves high levels of Vitamins and Minerals. 
  • Supporting the farmer community who use native seeds and avoid preservatives & chemicals.
  • Promoting sustainable farming and packaging techniques to boost environmental conservation.
  • Reviving the older tradition of earthen cookware, ancient wisdom, and traditional cooking methods.

Our Products are Preservative-free products .We do not contain any kind of artificial ingredients. They reduce the risks or exposure to side effects.  Our Products are fresher and more enjoyable taste compared to those containing chemical preservatives. Even though the shelf life of such products is considerably shorter than the products with preservatives, they are more wholesome and natural.

We Produced 100 % Pure and Natural Products . No Preservative, No Chemicals and No artificial colours added in our products. 

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