Sesame Oil (White Til Oil)

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Til oil, also known as sesame oil. It offers a range of potential health benefits when used as part of a balanced diet.Experience the purity and goodness of Amritulya’s Cold-Pressed Oils:

  1. Elevate your culinary creations with White Sesame Oil, a staple for flavor and health.
  2. Explore the natural benefits of Sesame Oil, perfect for skin and hair nourishment.
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Heart Health

Til oil is rich in heart-healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, particularly oleic acid and linoleic acid. These fats can help lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Antioxidant Properties

Sesame oil contains antioxidants, including sesamin and sesamol, which can help protect cells from oxidative damage caused by free radicals. These antioxidants may contribute to overall health and well-being.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Some components in til oil have anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce inflammation in the body, potentially benefiting conditions like arthritis.

Bone Health

Sesame oil is a good source of essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus, which are crucial for maintaining strong and healthy bones.

Oral Health:

Oil pulling, a traditional practice of swishing sesame oil in the mouth for a few minutes, is believed by some to promote oral health by reducing harmful bacteria and improving gum health.

Skin Health

Til oil is sometimes used topically for its moisturizing and soothing effects on the skin. It can help alleviate dry skin, reduce inflammation, and promote wound healing.

Hair Care

Sesame oil is often used for hair care. It can help nourish the scalp, strengthen hair, and reduce dandruff. Massaging the scalp with sesame oil may promote hair growth.

Digestive Health

Til oil can be used as a cooking oil that is easy on the digestive system. It can help prevent constipation and promote regular bowel movements.

Weight Management

The healthy fats in til oil, combined with its natural flavor, can help make meals more satisfying, potentially reducing overall calorie intake.

Immune System Support

The vitamins and antioxidants in sesame oil may help support the immune system, making it better equipped to fend off infections and illnesses.

Hormone Regulation

Some studies suggest that the lignans found in sesame seeds and sesame oil may help regulate hormone levels, which can be particularly beneficial for women during menopause.

Cognitive Health

Sesame oil contains vitamin E, which has antioxidant properties that may support cognitive function and reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases.

Wound Healing

Topical application of sesame oil may help promote the healing of minor wounds, cuts, and scrapes.

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4 reviews for Sesame Oil (White Til Oil)

  1. Ankur Sahni

    Great product. Its a natural till oil . We have been using it for three months. My mother’s knees have got a lot of relief.

  2. Rekha Ahuja

    Its good and natural oil, I use it for my hair, it has improved my hair growth.

  3. Yashpal

    Natural source of calcium and vitamin E ,👌
    Great oil 👍

  4. Rajni Dube

    सभी oils बहुत ही बढ़िया हैं अमृत्तुल्य के , मैंने सरसों का भी use किया हैं इनका और तिल का भी । बहुत बढ़िया result हैं इनके । धन्यवाद अमृत्तुल्य 🙏

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